UWaterloo Scholar

What is UWaterloo Scholar?

The University of Waterloo is using OpenScholar, an open source software solution built on Drupal, to provide dynamic and customizable personal websites for Waterloo faculty, researchers, graduate students and retired faculty members. Faculty and researcher personal sites are offered on a self-serve basis and are built using the WatIAM userid of the faculty member or researcher.

A request must be submitted to delete or remove UWaterloo Scholar sites.


Owners of UWaterloo Scholar sites must:

  • Only use as a personal website for communicating professional and academic work/achievements with your full name as the site title.
  • Only post web content that complies with web accessibility at the University of Waterloo.
  • Ensure copyright and other legal compliance; ensure consistency with University policy and guidelines; best practice.
  • Inform WCMS support if you are leaving the University of Waterloo or if the site is no longer required for any reason.

New to working on a Waterloo website?

Review these resources before you get started:

Manage your UWaterloo Scholar website

If you receive an Access denied message when trying to view content, such as News or Events, ensure you have the application enabled by following the steps in Manage apps.


Create content


Import publications

Publications can be imported to your UWaterloo Scholar site. The listed research sites are supported; however, as long as a file can be downloaded in an accepted file format, it should be able to be imported.

Accepted file formats: bibtext, Endnote tagged, Endnote XML, MARC, PubMed ID List and PubMed XML.


Embedding third party content



UWaterloo Scholar 1.5 release - May 23, 2018

UWaterloo Scholar 1.4 release - March 15, 2018

UWaterloo Scholar 1.3 release - November 30, 2017

UWaterloo Scholar 1.2 release - May 11, 2017

UWaterloo Scholar 1.1 release - May 11, 2017

UWaterloo Scholar 1.0 release - March 28, 2017

UWaterloo Scholar beta release - January 30, 2017

UWaterloo Scholar alpha release - November 28, 2016