Scholar: How to create a Publication

Publications can be added to your UWaterloo Scholar site. Additional publication citation styles can be selected in the Settings menu.

Publications can be displayed on a publications listing page. Site visitors can search your uploaded publications, as well as sort them by various categories, such as author, title, year, etc.

Note: Uploaded publications can take up to 24 hours to show in your publication listing search.

  1. To add a Publication first hover (don't click) your mouse above the Content menu toolbar.
  2. Under Add, click Publication. If you are missing the Publication app, your site owner will need to add this app to your site.
  3. Choose a publication Type.
    Add publication type.
  4. Add Title (required).
    Add publication title.
  5. Add Year of Publication (required).Add publication year.
  6. Each type of publication has different fields. Fill in as much information as possible. An option to download the citation is given on the publication listing page.
  7. To attach files, click Upload or drag and drop files into the shaded box. Hover your mouse above the question mark icon to see the allowed file extensions, as well as the maximum allowed file size. 
  8. The Publication Details section is a place to enter additional information.
    1. Insert the full text of your publication (optional).Insert full text
    2. Insert additional notes (optional).
      Insert notes
    3. Upload publication image (optional). Publication image upload
    4. Insert extra description fields (optional). Insert extra field
  9. Under Publishing options, ensure Published to this site is checked if you are ready to publish, or unchecked if you want it to remain as a draft. Select Sticky at top of lists if you want this publication item to stay at the top of the publication listing page on your site.
    Publication options.
  10. Under URL path settings leave Generate automatic URL alias checked if you want the system to automatically create a URL alias for this publication. Uncheck the box if you wish to enter a custom alias.
    URL path settings.
  11. Under Menu settings you have the option of adding this publication to the main menu.
    Menu settings.
  12. Select Distribute to Academic Repositories if you want this publication to be searchable in Google Scholar.
    Google scholar settings.
  13. Under Post Created/Edited By you can change who posted the publication item by editing the name in the box under Posted by. You can also edit the date the publication was posted on in the Posted on box. By default the current date and time is used.
    Post created by settings.
  14. Click Save.

Looking to re-import a new list of publications? First you will need to delete ALL Publications on your site. Review our Scholar: How to manage site settings to learn how to delete all publications.