How to create a UWaterloo Scholar site

Create a website on UWaterloo Scholar

  1. Navigate to the UWaterloo Scholar homepage.
  2. Select Login and enter your WatIAM username and password.
    Login button on the Scholar at Waterloo homepage.
  3. After logging in, select the Create a Site button.Create a site button on the Scholar at Waterloo homepage.
  4. On the Create your website confirm Your URL and set your Site visibility.
    1. Public on the web will allow anyone on the Internet to find and view your site.
    2. Private - Invite only during site creation will restrict access to only those users you invite to view your site (sign-in required).Site visibility options.
  5. Select Create your site.

     Selecing the Create your site button.

    1. A notification will appear along the top of the Create your website page with a link to your UWaterloo Scholar website.Page notification of successful site creation.
    2. You will receive an email from notifying you that your site has been activated.
      Email notification of successful site creation. 

Configure your UWaterloo Scholar site

  1. Navigate to your UWaterloo Scholar website. The URL will be: WatIAM.
  2. Select Login and log in to your site with your WatIAM username and password.
    1. To log in to a Private Site: Select log in in the first paragraph.Logging into a Private Site.
    2. To log in to a Public Site: Scroll down the bottom left hand corner and select Log in.Logging in to a Public Site.
  3. In the Administration bar along the top of the page select Homepage settings.Selecting Homepage settings from the Administration bar.
  4. Under Site Information, enter your full name in the Name field (required), enter your academic role, position or title in the Title field (optional) and your credentials in the Credentials field (optional).
    Site name, title, and credential information.
  5. Select the Theme settings for the faculty or associated school with which you are affiliated.
  6. Upload home page banner images (optional).
  7. To upload a Profile image (optional):
    1. Select Browse to select an image from your computer. The image width must be greater than or equal to 360 pixels and the height must be greater than or equal to 480 pixels.
    2. Select Upload.
      Browse and Upload image buttons under Profile image.
    3. Enter Alternate text (required).Alternate text entered for a sample profile image.

      Alternate text, or Alternative text, is text that is used in place of non-text content for those who cannot view the non-text content. In order for people with disabilities to be able to use this text, the text must be able to be read and used by the assistive technologies (and the accessibility features in browsers) that people with disabilities use (i.e. a screen reader).

      To ensure Accessibility standards are being met, all non-text content must have alternate text associated with it.

  8. Enter a Site description (optional). Site description field.
  9. Select your faculty logo from the drop down list. The University of Waterloo logo will display by default if none are selected.
  10. The remaining fields (Office location, Phone number, Extension, Email and Office hours) are optional. Fill out these fields as desired.
    Remaining fields
  11. Add your Twitter information as desired.
    Twitter fields
  12. Select Save. Your changes will be published immediately.
    Selecting the Save button.

Once you have created and configured your site, you can add People to help you manage your site or begin to create content.