Scholar: How to create a Software Project

  1. Hover (don't click) your mouse above the Content menu toolbar.
    Content circled
  2. Under Add, click Software Project. If you are missing the Software Project app, your site owner will need to add this app to your site.
    Software project circled.
  3. Add a Project title (required).
    Add project title.
  4. Select a Packaging Method (required).
    Packaging method drop-down
  5. Add a Description of the project (optional). Add scription body.
  6. To attach a file, click Upload or drag and drop files into the shaded box. Hover your mouse above the question mark icon to see the allowed file extensions, as well as the maximum allowed file size.
    Attach files
  7. Under Publishing options, ensure Published to this site is checked if you are ready to publish, or unchecked if you want it to remain as a draft. Select Sticky at top of lists if you want this Software Project to stay at the top of the listing page on your site.
    Publishing options settings.
  8. Under URL path settings leave Generate automatic URL alias checked if you want the system to automatically create a URL alias for this Software project. Uncheck the box if you wish to enter a custom alias.
    URL path settings.
  9. Under Menu settings you have the option of adding this Software project to the main menu.
    Menu settings.
  10. Under Post Created/Edited By you can change who posted the Software Project by editing the name in the box under Posted by. You can also edit the date the project was posted on in the Posted on box. By default the current date and time is used.Posted created by field.
  11. Click Save.