Scholar: How to add a home page banner

Home page banners can be created with optional caption and link. There can be a single static banner, or multiple banners that can be displayed as a slideshow. Note: having more than eight home page banner images is not recommended.


Banners should be optimized before uploading and sized to 1600 pixels wide. Note: Banners should all be of equal height. Avoid images containing text on banners; if absolutely necessary, centre the text and use a colour contrast checker to ensure it meets accessibility requirements.

Creating a home page banner

  1. From the Administration bar, select Homepage settings.Homepage settings menu link.
  2. Upload a Banner image.Homepage banner upload.
  3. Add Alternative text (required) to the banner image, as well as a Title (optional). Alternative text and title of banner image.
  4. Add Caption text to the banner image (optional). Keep captions as short as possible – they wrap to multiple lines on mobile. Caption of banner image.
  5. If you would like your user to be able to click on the homepage banner and be taken to another page, enter a Link Title and URL.
    Homepage banner link title and URL fields
  6.  Click Add another item to add additional banner images.Add another item banner button.
  7.  Save.