Scholar: How to import publications from PubMed

When importing from PubMed, a list of publications must be available, for this how-to, a search of University of Waterloo was used.

  1. Create a list of publications on the PubMed website.
    Searching for publications from PubMed site
  2. Select the publications to be exported. This can be all the publications or just selecting a few.
    Selecting publications to export from PubMed site
  3. Click on the down arrow, next to the Send to.
    Selecting export from PubMed site
  4. Click on File and select XML from Format.
    Setting export options from PubMed site
  5. Click on Create File, and save file.
    Clicking on Create File on PubMed site
  6. On your UWaterloo Scholar site, hover (don't click) your mouse above the Content menu toolbar.
    Select import menu on UWaterloo Scholar site
  7. Click Publications from the Import menu.
    Selecting publications to import on UWaterloo Scholar
  8. Click Browse and navigate to where you stored the file from Step #5. Click Open.
    Selecting file to import on UWaterloo Scholar
  9. Select the File Type to be PubMed XML (or other desired file type).
    Selecting file type to PubMed XML for importing on UWaterloo Scholar
  10. Click Import.
    Clicking import to start import on UWaterloo Scholar
  11. Import will start.
    Import progress on UWaterloo Scholar
  12. Once import has finished, report is displayed with the number of imports completed. Newly import publications can now be viewed from Publications menu on homepage.