Scholar: How to manage site menu

On your UWaterloo Scholar website, the site menu will always appear along the top of the homepage underneath the site Title and Subtitle.

Scholar at Waterloo site menu.

You can add or remove items and rearrange this menu at any time.

Add and remove site menu items

  1. From the Administration bar under Build select Menu.
    Selecting Menu from the administration bar.

    On the menu page you will have a Primary Menu and a Hidden menu.

    Items in the Primary Menu will appear on the top level of your site menu.

    Items in the Hidden menu will not appear in the site menu but will still be available to users who have the URL or who find the page using a search engine.
  2. Under Hidden select the cross-arrow on the left of the menu item you wish to add to the site menu. Drag and drop this item into place in the Primary Menu. Note that all items nested under the parent item will come along with it.News in the Hidden menu.News has been moved to the Primary menu.
  3. Select Save.
    Selecting save.
  4. Return to your homepage to see the updated menu.News now appears in the site menu on the homepage.

To remove items from the site menu, drag and drop a menu item from the Primary Menu to the Hidden menu and Save.

Rearrange menu items

To move a menu item, use the cross-arrows to the left of an item to drag and drop menu items into the desired order.
Using the cross-arrows to drag and drop Classes.

Please note: Do not nest items (place one item under another) in the Primary Menu. Nesting is not currently supported in Responsive.