Due to the high volume of WCMS 3 site requests, responses may be delayed. We appreciate your patience during this busy time.

The intake process for requesting a WCMS 3 site will be based in the Request Tracker (RT) system. Requests should be submitted by the website lead using the provided form below.

For net-new site requests, a new staging site for an existing WCMS site, or to migrate an exisiting site, please have the website lead submit the following information:

  • Website lead
  • Website lead email
  • Site name
  • Site URL
  • Faculty/unit/department
  • Colour theme
  • Additional site owners (1-3 recommended)
  • Tentative launch date
  • Additional information

Creation process

  1. Website leads submit one RT per new site request
    • RT should include site information as noted above
    • Recommend site owners announce a content freeze for sites beginning the migration process
  2. WCMS Training and Support will pull version of existing site to pilots (https://pilots.uwaterloo.ca) 
    • Pilots site will remain for four months for reference, then will be scheduled to be culled 
  3. WCMS Training and Support will initiate the script
    • Creation scripts will build a new, empty WCMS 3 site on Pantheon staging (https://staging.uwaterloo.ca)
    • Migration scripts will build a new, empty WCMS 3 site, and populate new site with current content, users, roles, files, etc. on Pantheon dev (https://dev-uwat-sitename.pantheonsite.io) 
  4. Once the scripts have finished running, WCMS Training and Support will update the RT with the Pantheon dev link and indicate it is ready for the website lead to populate
  5. WCMS team will set up the production URL indicated in the original RT
  6. Once website lead is satisfied with the new WCMS 3 site, they will update the RT to indicate to WCMS Training and Support that it can be published live in the next publishing window 
    • IST will never publish a site live without the approval of website lead
  7. WCMS Training and Support will move site from Pantheon dev > Pantheon test > Pantheon live and update and close the RT accordingly
  8. Notice a bug or issue? Please report it using the WCMS 3 bug report form.

This process is subject to change as migration from WCMS 2 to WCMS 3 continues to undergo testing.