Review websiteThings to consider before moving to WCMS 3

We encourage all website leads and site maintainers to review this list of action items prior to migration into WCMS 3. Completion of these actions will aid in site clean-up, making for an easier transition.

  • Start to consider the resources that may be required for site migrations
  • How many websites are you responsible for? How large are they?
  • Will you rebuild a current site in WCMS 3? Or schedule a site for automated migration?
  • Do you have the capacity to complete the migration work yourself, or will you need help?
  • Is there a smaller website you can migrate first while you learn how to use the new system?
  • Are there known due dates, commitments, or other work that could conflict with beta testing and/or site migration dates?

Site owner workWebsite lead specific tasks

  • Review website lead report to verify that the list of sites is correct (as per the date the report was sent).
  • Review sites to see if any are no longer needed. If a site is no longer needed and can be deleted, send in a ticket to Please ensure any required content is removed from the site prior to deletion.
  • If the site content is still required though site views are low, consider consolidating content to a higher-traffic department site. This could also be considered for sites with only a few pages of content.
  • Remove user access for anyone who should no longer have active roles on your site.

TasksSite maintainer tasks (for content editors or site managers)

  • Review News items, Blog posts, and Events and archive and delete any that are no longer needed/no longer viewed.
  • Review Images and files that are not being used and permanently delete an image or document from the website.
  • Generate a Path review report that shows nodes where the body field contains fully-qualified ("external") URLs that likely should be local, and amend these links.
  • Generate a Broken links report and view and fix broken links.
  • Remove content in the following moderation states needs review, draft, and archived, as this content will not be migrated.
  • Remove any nodes in “embedded” content types types - Embedded call to action, Embedded facts and figures, Embedded timeline, and Image gallery - that you may not be referencing anymore.
  • Review Promotional items and remove if no longer in use (ex. scheduled on pages that no longer exist). You should also "clean up" the visibility rules in Promotional items to make sure to remove any non-existent paths.
  • If you have created an Image gallery with the intent that it will be, or is, embedded in another page, please remove any Body content that may have been added (Body content does not appear when the image gallery is embedded), and ensure it is not included in the site hierarchy.
    • If you have created an Image gallery that is not embedded in another page, or does have Body content, or is included in the site hierarchy, that content can remain as-is.

Get helpNeed some help?

Email our WCMS support email,, for questions regarding:

  • WCMS 2 and WCMS 3 content creation/editing help
  • Who is the website lead for your site
  • LEARN registration and training assistance
  • What type of site you manage (FDSU, single page, conference, publication)
  • General website questions