Preparing your site for migration reduces migration issue remediation and decreases the time your site is required to be in a checklistcontent freeze.

Please review the following content and action the following tasks prior to submitting your site migration request:

  • Web forms:
    • Delete unused Web forms.
    • Export/download Web form results. The WCMS is not meant to be used as a records keeping tool. Moving forward, this is a best practice to include in your site maintenance/management tasks.
  • Events, News items, and Blog posts:
    • Archive and delete any that are no longer needed/no longer viewed.
    • Delete unused tags.
  • Tags:
    • Delete unused or tags that are no longer relevant from content.
  • Image gallery: Stand-alone image galleries do not currently migrate and must be manually recreated, which takes time and resources.
    • Delete image galleries that are no longer needed.
    • Move stand-alone image galleries into nodes with an embedded image gallery.
    • Edit image galleries that contain many images without context (e.g. over 50 images from past conferences that do not have titles or captions).
  • Expandable/collapsible content: Content will migrate to WCMS 3, but the content will not be expandible/collapsible and must be manually copied to an Expand/collapse content type.
    • Review your use of expandable/collapsible content for usability and edit content accordingly.
    • The character limit for the headings of expand/collapse on WCMS 3 is 255 characters. Edit your expand/collapse headings if they exceed this character limit.
  • Internal links:
  • Images and files:
  • Summaries and description fields:
    • These fields are required in WCMS 3. If there is no content in the summary or description field on the WCMS 2 site, the migration script will migrate the first 160 HTML characters to those fields and will not acknowledge when to end a sentence. If those characters include an image, that will also require remediation. Ensuring that you have content in your summary and description fields in WCMS 2 will decrease the number of remediations.
  • Remove any nodes in “embedded” content types types - Embedded call to action, Embedded facts and figures, Embedded timeline, and Image gallery - that you are not referencing anymore.
  • Generate a Broken links report and view and fix broken links.
  • Home page banners:
    • Unpublish any home page banners that are not currently in use.
    • Delete any home page banners that will not be used again.
    • Confirm the home page banner order and select "Rearrange home page banners (for slideshow)" to save your selections if you have rearranged the order.
    • Confirm that all current published home page banners have an associated display order number.
  • Remove content in the following moderation states needs review, draft, and archived, as this content will not be migrated.
  • Promotional items:
    • Remove if no longer in use (e.g. scheduled on pages that no longer exist). You should also "clean up" the visibility rules in Promotional items to make sure to remove any non-existent paths.
  • Bibliographies: This content type is not currently available in WCMS 3. If your site has bibliographies, we recommend waiting until this content type is included in the migration script. You can review the Building the Next WCMS Release Comparison page for updates.
  • If your site is complex in content or size the website lead can contact our WCMS 3 migration coordinator, Charlotte Armstrong, for migration planning assistance.

When you have completed the site migration preparation tasks, let your website lead know and they can move forward with the next step of requesting a site migration.

Get helpNeed some help?

Email our WCMS support email,, for questions regarding:

  • WCMS 2 and WCMS 3 content creation/editing help
  • Who is the website lead for your site
  • LEARN registration and training assistance
  • What type of site you manage (FDSU, single page, conference, publication)
  • General website questions