Is there a deadline to migrate all sites to WCMS 3?

No, there is currently no hard deadline (this could change in the future) but since we cannot guarantee that we will have a team of WCMS content migration specialist co-ops to help remediate sites in future terms, we highly recommend that sites migrate as soon as possible. If your faculty/department is tied to the academic calendar and the best time of year for your site to migrate and be remediated is the Spring term, we highly recommend submitting a WCMS 3 migration request with your preferred migration date right away to increase your chances of having your site migrate on your preferred date in Spring 2023.

Should I schedule a migration meeting with the WCMS team?

Reach out to the WCMS 3 migration coordinator, Charlotte Armstrong, if you would like to discuss the migration of your site(s).

What variables are taking into consideration when creating a site's migration plan?

  • Size of the site
  • Management of the site (are there thousands of old events, files, obsolete forms etc.)
  • Plans for the site: are you planning to utilize WCMS 3 features to change the information architecture?
  • Complexity of the site (e.g. complex webforms with nested conditionals, quantity of content with known migration issues)
  • Capacity of the remediation team: either the WCMS team or your own team if you choose to remediate the site yourself
  • Timing of the migration request: is the requested migration date interfering with WCMS team training or migration pause?
  • Faculty/department resources: will they have a co-op or staff member trained to remediate sites?
  • Completion of WCMS 3 training by content maintainers that will be working on the site

I have created a schedule to migrate my sites. Should I share this with the WCMS team? 

Yes! This is preferred as it will allow the WCMS team to prepare and schedule site migrations and remediations. 

How long does it take to migrate a site?

It is difficult to precisely predict the duration of a migration and associated remediation of a site. There are many variables including: the complexity and size of your site, external factors affecting platforms necessary for site migration, and how much time you want or can spend reviewing your site after it has been remediated.

Do all sites need to be remediated?

Yes, all sites require remediation to correct migration issues after migration. Since every site is unique, it is impossible to create a migration script that captures every aspect of a WCMS site. There are also improved features in WCMS 3 that do not have a corresponding field in WCMS 2 and require remediation. Remediation is the correction of migration issues that occur when the site is migrated. Remediation by the WCMS team does not include correcting user error, typos, or anything content related. Those corrections are your responsibility.

Should we remediate the site ourselves or have the WCMS team remediate our site? 

There are currently four options to choose on the Request a WCMS 3 Migration form:

  • Remediation by the WCMS Team: remediation will be completed by WCMS content migration specialist team
  • Remediation by your team: remediation completed by your own team (remediation training must be completed prior to site migration)
  • Collaborative remediation: your team remediates web pages, the WCMS team remediates all other content types
  • Manual migration by your team: migration of content from existing WCMS site by your own team to a blank WCMS 3 site

If your site has been fully prepared for the migration, is a reasonable size and you have no plans for a large edit or review, we recommend Remediation by the WCMS Team.

If you wish to review and edit a large amount of your content and have the resources available to remediate the site yourself, you may choose to remediate the site yourself. The staff responsible for remediating the site would have to complete Remediation training as well as the prerequisite: WCMS 3 Fundamentals.

If you have a large site and you plan on reviewing and editing your content, we recommend choosing a Collaborative remediation as the most efficient use of time and resources. This will give your team opportunity to edit the web pages while our team remediates all other content types. We can also remediate certain pages that you request.

If you wish to completely rebuild the content of your site, you can choose a Manual migration and manually recreate the content on an empty WCMS 3 site. This could be very time consuming so please plan your resources accordingly.

What does the assistance from the WCMS co-op students look like?

Every migrated site requires remediation to correct migration issues that occur during the migration process. Our team of WCMS Content Migration Specialist co-op students can remediate these migration issues in the most efficient way possible. When we remediate a site, we create an Excel spreadsheet that shows the comparison check of all published nodes as well as the associated remediation. Although checking for accessibility, typos or user errors is not part of remediations, if we notice any content that requires review and editing, we will do our best to highlight that content on the comparison check spreadsheet.

I plan on completely re-doing my site. Should I make all the edits in WCMS 2 or WCMS 3?

This question definitely warrants a conversation with the WCMS 3 migration coordinator, Charlotte Armstrong. If you plan on changing a large quantity of your content, she can discuss options with you to maximize efficiency in the migration process. If you choose to make the changes in WCMS 2, one option is to copy the WCMS 2 site to pilots, make your changes, then migrate the pilots site to WCMS 3.

What is the WCMS 3 migration process?

More information about the steps can be found on the Requesting a WCMS 3 site web page.

Are you going to automatically publish my sites live after the site has migrated and been remediated?

No, the launch date of your migrated WCMS 3 site is chosen by you. The Request a WCMS 3 Migration form includes a tentative launch date field and we will reach out to you if your migrated and remediated site has not launched after a significant amount of time. Launch dates are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we ask that we receive at least one day notice for launch requests. You can request the launch by responding to the original WCMS 3 migration request ticket associated with the site.

Can I keep a copy of the original site after the WCMS 3 version has replaced it?

Every migrated site will have a copy of the original site saved on the date of migration. This copy will be saved for 4 months after the WCMS 3 site has launched.