Important noteDeadline for launching WCMS 2 sites on pilots

All WCMS 2 FDSU pilots sites must be launched/moved to production by Tuesday, August 31, 2021. This does not impact sites using single page, publication or conference templates.

If a site is not ready to move to production at that time, the site may be culled (deleted), with recommendation for the website lead to recreate the site in the WCMS 3 staging area

Requests to keep WCMS 2 sites on pilots after August 31 should be sent to Joe Kwan. Requests will be reviewed on a per-site basis; there is no guarantee an exclusion will be granted.

WebsiteCreating new WCMS 2 sites

WCMS 2 FDSU sites will no longer be built as of June 29, 2021. Site maintainers requiring a new WCMS site will need to build the site in the new WCMS 3 environment.

Site requests for single page, publication or conference templates will continue to be supported until the functionality is available in WCMS 3.

RedirectionWCMS redirects

Information regarding redirects will be provided shortly.