Current features and functionality

Workbench, allows you to create drafts, review and publish content, revert to previous versions, create/manage content and manage files and images uploaded to the site.

  • Web pages, with optional sidebar content.
    • Clone, the ability to create a new web page from a clone of an existing web page on the site.
  • News items, are automatically promoted to the front page and appear in the News section of the site (includes an archive).
  • Events, are automatically promoted to the front page and appear in the Events section of the site (includes an archive).
  • Person profiles, are optionally promoted to the front page sidebar and appear in the Person profiles section of the site.
  • Contacts, appear under the "About" section of the site on the "Our people" page.
  • Blog posts, which appear on the blog page of the site.  Blog posts can be turned on by request.
  • Image galleries
  • Home page banners, are a banner photo with a caption and optional link. There can be multiple banners that refresh or are displayed as a slideshow.
    • Site managers can enable banner slideshows.
  • Promotional items, appear on the sidebar of every page or specified pages on the site.
  • Embedded Timeline, to display items along an interactive timeline.
  • Embedded Call to Action (CTA), Call to Action (CTAs) can be embedded in Web pages or other content types.
  • Embedded Facts and Figures, display a combination of facts and images embedded within another content type, such as a Web page. 
  • Bibliography, used for scholarly content, such as journal papers and books.
  • Awards, used for student awards and scholarships. (Available upon request)
  • Opportunities, populate the Opportunities landing page with job/volunteer opportunities. (Available upon request)
  • Services, populate the Services landing page (Service Catalogue).
  • Projects, organize all of the projects on the Project landing page.
  • Site footer, is optional and appears across all pages on the site.
  • Special alerts, displays at the top of pages you specify, surrounded by a red border. It is used to convey urgently important information.
    • Special alerter role, Site Managers can grant users access to this role to add a special alert.
  • Web forms, secure forms (with serial number capability) can submit to email, csv/xls format, and pdf (Web forms are not to be used for payments, see more information on e-commerce).
    • Web form results access, users with this role can view web form results.

Clear cache, the ability for Site Managers and Content Editors to clear the cache.

Reports, a selection of reports for Site Managers.

Dashboard includes news from the Web Resources site, let's you see who's online, manage site settings and vocabularies.

Site management


Content management

    Website content functionality:


    • Show/hide revision elements button, a toggle button to view a page as a visitor would see it.

    Conference template

    Publication template

    Single page template