WCMS 2 work:

  • module updates

WCMS 3 work:

  • ship update to Drupal 9
  • ship next release of WCMS 3
  • fix pages failing when a referenced image is deleted from the system
  • remove extra padding on elements in the sidebar
  • add "contact image" field to contacts
  • add a proper "no results" message to contacts
  • adjust theming for contacts
  • fix catalog search submitting to the wrong URL in some cases
  • fix broken viewing of revisions
  • make fields in Mailman block be required
  • fix cases where home page URL includes page path instead of just the site path
  • document how we will implement the Awards content type
  • work on removing the layout builder modal
  • fix links inside captions having their own line in the editor
  • add proper fallback fonts
  • prepare for Bibliography replacement demo sites
  • prepare for WatITis presentations
  • continue implementation of the Opportunity content type
  • continue implementation of the Service content type
  • continue work on expand/collapse
  • ensure users with any single role can access the dashboard
  • attempt to solve "vanishing" images when editing copy blocks
  • attempt to remove extra dialog box that appears when double-clicking an existing link in copy blocks
  • development review sessions

WCMS 3 automated migration improvement work:

  • create method to migrate private files (e.g. webform submissions, templates)
  • fix field references to files
  • fix webform address field migration
  • fix additional links being created for home page
  • ensure all supported fields for facts and figures migrate
  • create definitions for migrating newly-added content types

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