WCMS 2 work:

  • continue work on ADFS support

WCMS 3 work:

  • ship next release of WCMS 3
  • fix display issues after updating Drupal to the latest 9.x release
  • fix links display on the contact listing page
  • update to use Composer 2
  • fix missing dependencies on build
  • clean up appearance of full width items in layout builder
  • split the image field in contacts
  • document how we will implement the Awards content type
  • improve appearance of the carousel image gallery
  • add thumbnail option to image gallery
  • add sizing options to "full width image" and rename
  • finish remaining facts and figures functionality for WCMS 2 parity
  • begin creation of the project content type
  • adjust the release notes script
  • make various options consistent across content types
  • implement exceptions for service hours in the service content type
  • adjust multi-banner theming to match WCMS 2
  • development review sessions

WCMS 3 automated migration improvement work:

  • create name for sorting purposes when migrating contacts
  • test migrating private files (e.g. webform submissions, templates)
  • fix migrating audiences for events/news/blogs
  • test migrating the opportunity content type
  • create definitions for migrating newly-added content types

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