WCMS 2 Bugs, Fixes, and Improvements:

  • finish prep for next WCMS 2 release
  • code review and cleanup for Food Services work

WCMS 3 Build-out Work:

  • update to latest Drupal 8 release
  • add image gallery block
  • add "related links" block
  • add support for legacy site footer columns and ratios
  • remove "dashboard" sections from "content type" layout builder
  • create proof of concept for "multi-field fields" for Facts and Figures
  • compare variations of Service catalogs
  • add publishing workflows to all content types
  • add sidebar content type
  • refactor multi-type list block
  • default webform drafts to auto-deleting after 28 days
  • improve site footer display
  • clean up implementation of special alert
  • add "view on <source>" links to video embeds
  • develop configuration, views and blocks for custom dashboard
  • document proposal for handling people/contacts based on survey feedback
  • document assorted processes
  • add/update/remove selected contrib modules
  • add selected theming
  • update local development processes
  • implement Pantheon upstream
  • have developer review sessions

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