WCMS 2 Bugs, Fixes, and Improvements:

  • prevent problems on publication sites when publication issues are renamed
  • bug fixes for hours exceptions for Food Services work
  • investigate Drupal session cookie domain
  • automated testing script cleanup

Scholar Bugs, Fixes, and Improvements:

  • fix whitescreen when adding CAS users to Scholar

Search Improvements:

  • develop Google-based replacement for current University search

WCMS 3 Build-out Work:

  • review spell check options for editor
  • replace default link functionality in editor with more flexible option
  • clean up implementation of web path libraries
  • begin implementation of Catalogs
  • document initial work needed for new menu architecture
  • add "view on <source>" links to all external embeds
  • add metatag fields to "page-creating" content types
  • check for concerns with latest web form options
  • determine path forward from proofs of concept for "multi-field fields" for Facts and Figures
  • improve implementation of content moderation
  • improve processes for connecting content to Pattern Lab
  • document proposal for handling people/contacts based on survey feedback
  • document assorted processes
  • add selected theming
  • update local development processes
  • have developer review sessions

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