WCMS 2 work:

  • continue work on ADFS support

WCMS 3 work:

  • ship hotfix release of WCMS 3, followed with next feature release of WCMS 3
  • remove blocks that should not be used on the dashboard from dashboard's available blocks
  • make "skip to main content" link properly readable
  • fix "require on publish" not properly preventing publication when fields are blank
  • make fieldsets on Project content creation/edit page collapsible
  • make toolbar hover colour properly accessible
  • add hover/focus state to University logo
  • remove empty link in site footer when there is no published site footer
  • update our "permissions updater" to better handle removing permissions
  • update internal DevOps scripts to be more reliable
  • replace icon font use with SVGs
  • fix migration of image gallery node pages
  • continue work on bringing full PDF support to webforms
  • continue work on supporting authentication-required sites
  • continue BibCite (bibliography/publications/references) work
  • finish remaining facts and figures functionality for WCMS 2 parity
  • add site-specific search
  • investigate persisting login issues for some users
  • contrib module updates
  • update to latest Drupal core
  • improve internal documentation for WCMS 3 login processes
  • begin work on switching from Gesso to Ohana
  • development review sessions

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