WCMS 2 Bugs, Fixes, and Improvements:

  • fix issues with single page home when Vimeo support is disabled
  • begin prep of 2.9.1 maintenance release

WCMS 3 Build-out Work:

  • add support for mathematical formulas (LaTeX/MathJax)
  • fix support for multiple filters on dashboard
  • update facts and figures implementation
  • create block for maps from Google
  • implement "unpublishing" workflow
  • determine how to add non-dashboard links to Workbench toolbar
  • continue setting up Catalogs content type
  • remove unneeded fields from taxonomy item edit page
  • continue implementing new menu layout
  • theme Tableau block
  • clean up sidebar code
  • research options for MailChimp implementation
  • theme Timeline block
  • theme Tableau block
  • add layout pieces for "advanced" expand/collapse
  • determine metatag configuration for Views-provided pages
  • improve processes for connecting content to Pattern Lab
  • document proposal for handling people/contacts based on survey feedback
  • document bibliography content type
  • document and improve assorted processes
  • development review sessions

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