WCMS 2 Maintenance:

  • update CKeditor

WCMS 3 Build-out Work:

  • fix date sorting for blog posts, events, and news items, as well as the multi-type list
  • fix catalogs showing some things multiple times on listing pages
  • fix HTML output on catalogs listing page
  • review remaining catalogs work
  • allow users to set "sticky" and "promoted to home page" options for content types that use them
  • exclude past events from default view of events
  • fix multi-type list ignoring display count options
  • adjust display of drop-down menu to remove possibility that links overflow the background
  • implement options for generic theming
  • ensure faculty/etc colour options are implemented everywhere they were in WCMS 2
  • theme "missing" fields from events
  • fix unavailable menu links displaying as "inaccessible"
  • reformat/style the login page to better match WCMS 2
  • make listings for blog posts, events, and news items sort sticky items to the top
  • update UI for creating expand/collapse, and theme
  • fix Youtube videos not displaying on node page when logged in
  • review emailer for webforms
  • theme blog, news, and events listing pages
  • fix media images in editor "randomly" vanishing
  • permission clean-up
  • theme clean-up
  • build release notes tool
  • continue estimating custom module work
  • development review sessions

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