Non-WCMS Work:

  • potential updates to Campus check-in

WCMS 2 Maintenance:

  • additional adjustments for AHS name change
  • global nav item update
  • external development review
  • beginning work on ADFS login

WCMS 3 Build-out Work:

  • ship next release of WCMS 3
  • global nav item update
  • fix issue where site footer can show drafts and unpublished versions
  • add a generator for sitemap.xml
  • prep work for authenticated sites
  • implement spellcheck and "select all" in the editor
  • implement remote URL option for adding images
  • review remaining catalogs work
  • adjust display of drop-down menu to remove possibility that links overflow the background
  • ensure faculty/etc colour options are implemented everywhere they were in WCMS 2
  • update UI for creating expand/collapse
  • theme blog, news, and events listing pages
  • contrib module updates
  • continue estimating custom module work
  • document how we will implement the services content type
  • document changes to permission implementation for internal training
  • profile cleanup
  • prep work for updating to Drupal 9
  • develop methodology for "cloning" existing sites to new URLs
  • development review sessions

sprint name inspiration