Requests for features/functionality

NOTE: There is currently a feature request freeze in place. We ask that all new feature requests be held until otherwise notified. 

Report bugs/system issues: Bug reports and system issues should continue to be filed as normal (i.e. submitted via our WCMS Help portal).

Development priorities:

  • Drupal 8 planning
  • Migration of WCMS sites to Drupal 8

Other development options

If there are features that you would like to develop, external developers (non-WCMS staff) can work on projects that may be integrated with the central build or deployed to specific sites. You might consider funding a contract position or hiring a co-op student, for example. Please contact Joe Kwan,, to discuss. 

Business critical requests

Business critical requests will be escalated and evaluated against current WCMS priorities and capacity and can be submitted by completing the Business Critical WCMS feature request form (authentication required).

The following criteria should be considered before submitting a request:

  • The appropriate technology
    Is the WCMS the correct technology for the feature/functionality?
  • Breadth of implementation
    Is the desired feature/functionality something that will be used by only one area? Or is the desired feature/functionality something that many areas from across the university would benefit from?
  • Accessibility
    Are accessibility legislative requirements a reason for the feature/functionality? Does the proposed feature/functionality comply with accessibility legislative requirements?
  • Development time
    How long will it take to develop the feature/functionality?  How much development work will be involved (e.g., module exists and works, module exists but needs additional development work to meet our needs, entirely new module needs to be developed) and what skills are required?
  • User need
    Is the feature/functionality required to meet the website visitor’s need to get the information s/he requires? Or is the feature/functionality a user-experience enhancement to existing content? 
  • Business need
    Is the feature/functionality required for an area to meet its business objectives? That is, will the unavailability of the functionality interfere with the area’s ability to perform or meet its business objectives/operational needs?