The University of Waterloo has acquired specifically for use within social media. Functionality is similar to other URL shorteners such as and, but with the benefit of using a closer identity to the University of Waterloo.

Obtaining a URL

A URL is affixed with a random set of characters (e.g., and can be generated at the Short URL Creator (BETA).

Use of random URLs

A URL should only be used for social media such as Twitter or Facebook. If a shorter URL is required outside of social media, a short-form URL should be requested. In print media, it is very easy to confuse similar looking characters, such as zero “0” and capital letter “O”, one “1”, small case “l” and upper case “I”, which can lead to types and users being unable to access the requested page.

Since social media may require links to point to many different sites, some external to the University of Waterloo, with randomly assigned URLs can redirect to external sites as needed.


Taken from: Website URL Redirects - Guidelines and Recommendations