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Sites in the WCMS

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence

3D Print Centre

About Waterloo

Academic Integrity

Academic Leadership Program

Academic Program Reviews

Academic Support Computing Representatives Group

AccessAbility Services

Accessible Housing

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Toolkit

Additive Manufacturing Research at Waterloo Engineering (Single page site)

Admissions (Single page site)

Admissions Viewbook (Publication)

Adobe Connect Help

Advanced Flexible Electronics Technology Group

Advanced Glazing System Laboratory (AGSL)

Advanced Interface Design Lab

Advances in Predictive Analytics


Alumni Enews (Publication)

Amélioration de la Vue

Anabaptist Learning Workshop


Anxiety Studies

Applied Health Sciences

Applied Health Sciences 50th Anniversary

Applied Health Sciences Computing

Applied Health Sciences Expansion Building

Applied Health Sciences Impact Report (Publication)

Applied Health Sciences News To You (Publication)

Applied Health Sciences Spotlight (culled)

Applied Health Sciences Undergraduate Members

Applied Mathematics


Arts 101: Incoming Student Resource

Arts & Letters (Publication)

Arts Computing Office

Arts Digital Media Programs (Single page site)

Arts Endowment Fund

Arts First

Arts Graduate Careers (culled)

Arts HeForShe (culled)

Arts Majors Reset (culled)

Arts Student Space Project (culled)

Arts Student Union

Assessment and Planning Project

Associate Provost, Human Resources

Associate Provost, Students

Associate Vice-President, Academic

Association of Canadian University Planning Programs

Astereae Lab

Astrophysics & Gravitation

Audio Research Group

Automated Laser Fabrication Laboratory

Autonomous and Connected Car Research at Waterloo Engineering (Single page site)


Barra Group

Besner Lab

Beyond Disciplines (Single page site)

Beyond Driven (Single page site)

Beyond Game Changing (Single page site)

Beyond Words (Single page site)

Big Data Research Lab



Biology Graduate Student Association

Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Sciences

Biosphere Sustainability Project


Biostatistics Training Initiative

Bone Health and Exercise Science Lab

Brain and Body Lab


Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE)

Build Our Kids’ Success

Business and Industrial Statistics Research Group

Campbell Labs

Campus Map

Campus Network Services Committee

Campus Wellness

Canada-China Actuarial Qualification Examination Centre

Canada Day Celebration

Canadian Association of Geographers - Ontario Division Annual Meeting (Conference)

Canadian Centre of Arts and Technology (culled)

Canadian Congress on Leisure Research 15

Canadian Cryospheric Information Network and Polar Data Catalogue (Single page site)

Canadian Index of Wellbeing

Canadian Index of Wellbeing (French)

Canadian Operational Research Society Queueing Special Interest Group (culled)

Canadian Phycological Culture Centre

Canadian Raw Materials Database

Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference (Conference)

Canadian Society for Biomechanics (CSB-SCB) 2014 (culled)

Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey

Cancer Risk Assessment in Youth Survey

Capstone Design

Career Action Video Resources

Careers at Waterloo



Catering & Event Services (Single page site)

Celebrating 50 years Statistics and Actuarial Science

Central Stores

Centre for Accounting Ethics

Centre for Advanced Materials Joining

Centre for Behavioural Decision Research

Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Centre for Career Action

Centre for Child Studies

Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence

Centre for Groundwater Research

Centre for Integrated RF Engineering

Centre for Mental Health Research

Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology

Centre for Peace Advancement

Centre for Sight Enhancement

Centre for Society, Technology and Values

Centre for Teaching Excellence

Centre for the Advancement of Co-operative Education (WatCACE)

Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience

Centre for Wireless Communications

Center of Actuarial Excellence

Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders


Charles Research Group

CSCHE Quebec-Ontario Biotechnology Meeting 2016

ChemEd 2013 Conference

Chemical Engineering


Chem13 News (culled)


Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology Lab

Child and Adolescent Clinical Research Group

Chong Research Group

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Association

Civil Environmental Geological Engineering Society

Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2017

Classical Studies

Cognition and Natural Behaviour Laboratory

Cognitive Development Lab

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab


Colloque sur les Polymeres

Combinatorics and Optimization

Combustion Institute Canadian Section (CI/CS) 2016

Communication Requirement

Community and Professional Education

Communications & Public Affairs (culled)

Communities, Health, Environment, Communications Initiative

Community Impact Report (Publication)

Community Relations


Computational Mathematics

Computing and Financial Management

Computing Technology and Services Committee

Conference Management

Configuration Manager Administrators Group

Conflict Analysis Group

Conflict Management & Human Rights

Conflict Management Certificate Program

Control Systems Group

Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre

Conrad Grebel University College

Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education and Career Action

Co-operative Education and Career Action Stakeholder Research (culled)

Co-operative Education & Career Action Systems (culled)


Copyright Guidelines

Counselling Services (culled)

Courtenay Lab

Creative Services

Critical Tourism Studies North America Conference 2016


Culture and Language Studies

Culture at Work Lab

CUPA Conference 2016

Daily Bulletin

Danckert Attention Group

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Research at Waterloo Engineering (Single page site)

Data Science

David Johnston Research + Technology Park

David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science 50th Anniversary (Single page site)

Day in the Life of an Aspiring Professional

Department of Knowledge Integration

Developmental Learning Lab

Digital Dilemmas (culled)

Digital Industrial Ergonomics and Shoulder Evaluation Laboratory (DIESEL)

Discover Graduate Studies

Discover Online Graduate Studies (culled)

Diversity and Intergroup Relations Lab

Dixon Research Group

DNA BioBank

Document Management (culled)

Drama and Speech Communication

Du Pays Au Paysage

Duguay Research Group

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth Sciences Museum

East Asian Studies

Ecohydrology Research Group

Ecological Agriculture in China

Ecology Lab

Economic Development Program



Education Program for Phototonics Professionals

Efficiency Working Group

Electric Vehicle Challenge

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association

Emergency Planning

Emerging Radio Systems Group

Employee Assistance Program

Employer Community (culled)

Energy Hub Management System Project (EHMS)


Engineering Cases

Engineering Computing

Engineering Faculty Council

Engineering Ideas Clinic

Engineering Machine Shop

Engineering Science Quest

Engineering Student Ambassadors

English Language and Literature

English Language Institute

English Teaching Portal

Enquête canadienne sur le tabac, l’alcool et les drogues chez les élève

Enquête sur le risque de cancer chez les élèves


Environment and Resource Studies

Environment Computing

Environment International Education Programs

Environment International Education Programs (Chinese)

Environmental Geochemistry

Environmental Sustainability Report (Publication)

Epidemiology of Cognitive Aging and Resilience Research Group

Equity Applicant Tracking Survey

Equity Office

Event Related Potential Lab

Excellence and Quality in Academic Life in STEM (Conference)

Excellence Canada at Waterloo

Face Processing and Social Cognition Lab

Faculties and Academics

Faculty Association

Faculty Computing User Support Group

Faculty of Mathematics 50th Anniversary

Faculty of Science Foundation

Fatigue and Stress Analysis Lab



Fine Arts

Fire Research and Safety

FIRST Robotics Competition (Conference)

FIRST Waterloo

Flanagan Lab

Foldvari Group

French Studies

Fuel Cell and Green Energy Lab

Gambling Research Lab


(The) Games Institute

Generationed City

Geographies of Health in Place

Geography and Environmental Management

Geomechanics Group

Geospatial Centre

German Canadiana in Ontario

GET-FACTS: Knowledge Translation

Geriatric Health Systems Research Group

Germanic & Slavic Studies

Giga-to-Nanoelectronics Centre

Global Business and Digital Arts (Single page site)

Global Entrepreneurship and Disruptive Innovation (Single page site)

Global Food Politics Group

Global Water Futures

Government Relations

Graduate Association of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Graduate Association of Students in Psychology

Graduate House

Graduate Student Association

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (Single page site)

Graduate Studies Academic Calendar

Graduate Studies Forms

GradVenture - Graduate Professional Skills

GreenIT Advisory Group

Groundwater Geochemistry and Remediation Group

Guelph Laurier Waterloo Protein Symposium 2017 (Conference)

Guillemette Laboratory


Hagey Bonspiel

Hagey Lectures

Hall Lab

Health Informatics

Health Services (culled)

Healthy Communities Research Network

HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10

Heritage Resources Centre

High Polymer Forum

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory (HVEL)

Hill Physics Group

Hire Waterloo


Hong Kong Foundation

Hong Kong Foundation (Chinese)

Hopkins Laboratory

Hug Research Group

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Human Resources

Human Resources Management System

Human Visual Neuroscience Laboratory

Humans in Complex Systems Lab

Hybrid Systems Lab

i3 Challenge

IDEAS Summer Experience

Implementing Sustainable Community Plans

Independent Studies (culled)

Industrial Organizational Psychology Student Conference

Infant Studies Group

Information & Privacy

Information Systems & Technology

Information Systems & Technology Internal

Injury Biomechanics and Aging Lab

Institute for Computer Research

Institute for Polymer Research

Institute for Quantum Computing

Institutional Analysis & Planning

Integrated Waste Management Model for Municipalities

Interactive Data Exploration and Analysis Lab

Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3)

International Development (culled)

International Optometric Bridging Program

International Shoulder Group 2014

International Society for Gravitational Physiology 2014

International Student Experience

International Student Guide (Publication)

interRAI Canada

Irving Lab

IST Web Integration Group

IST Windows Advancement Group

IT Portfolio Management

IT Professional Development Advisory Group

IT Service and Asset Management Program (culled)

IT Strategic Plan

Japan Futures Initiative

Jewish Studies

JobMine (culled)

Join Velocity (culled)

Katzenback Lab


Kinesiology Graduate Student Association

Knowledge Integration eXhibition

L'Ontario Françaises et ses Premiers Textes

Lab for Infant Development and Language

Laboratory of Nutritional Lipidomics

Language Lab

Lean at Waterloo

Lean Conference

Learn Help

Legacies of Agricultural Pollutants

Leonenko Research Group


Library Accessibility Services

Library Circulation Blog

Library Lens

Library News

Library Staff

Library Technology Services

Library Update (Publication)

Library Web Redesign

Lipid Enzyme Discovery Lab

Lock It Down

Macintosh Technical User Group

Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory

Management Sciences

Mann Fest


MARGOT (french site)

Marketing and Strategic Communications (culled)

Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment Team

Mass Spectrometry Facility

Master of Digital Experience Innovation (Single page site)

Master of Actuarial Science (culled)

Master of Environment and Business (culled)

Master of Peace and Conflict Studies

Master of Quantitative Finance

Master of Taxation

Master of Public Service

Materials & Nanosciences Society

Math e-Ties (Publication)

Math Faculty Computing Facility


Mathematics Business and Accounting Programs

Mathematics Endowment Fund

Matthews Golf Classic

McMahon Lab

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Association

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Health, Safety, and Environment

Mechatronic Vehicle Systems Lab

Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry Lab

Medieval Studies

Memory, Attention and Cognition Lab (MACL)

Mennonite Archives of Ontario

Mental Health and Wellness

Mid-cycle Review (redirected)

Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre

Mobile Sensing and Geodata Science Lab

Mobius Help

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Research Group

Motion Research Group

Multisensory Brain and Cognition Lab

Murphy Lab

Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program

Musagetes Architecture Library

Museum of Vision Science


My Liveable Stratford

myHRinfo (culled)

Nano and Micro Systems Lab

NanoMRI Conference

Nanotechnology Engineering

Nanotechnology Research Group (redirected)

Nature Leisure Community Research Group

Network for Aging Research

Neufeld Research Group

Neurological Patient Database

Neurorobotics Lab

Neuroscience, Mobility and Balance Lab

New Arts Employee Resources

Next Generation Environmental Assessment Project

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

New Math Students

Nooijen Group (culled)

NSERC Chair in Water Treatment

NSERC CREATE in Product-Line Engineering for Cyber-physical Systems

NSERC-UNENE Chair in Risk-Based Life Cycle Management of Engineering Systems

Nutrition and Aging Lab

Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics Lab

Occupational Health

Off-Campus Housing

Office of Advancement

Office of General Counsel

Offices and Services

OHD Staff Conference (Conference)

Online Expense Claims

Online Graduate Studies (Single page site)

Ontario Biomechanics Conference 2013 (culled)

Ontario Council of University Libraries - Map Library Assistants' Workshop 

Ontario Exercise Physiology Conference 2015 (culled)

Ontario Three Minute Thesis (Conference)

Ontario Women’s History Network (culled)

Open Data API

Open Data Initiative

Open Waterloo

Operational Artificial Intelligence Research at Waterloo Engineering (Single page site)

Optometry & Vision Science

Optometry Clinics

Optometry Graduate Students Association

Optometry Newsletter (Publication)

Optometry Student Society

Organizational & Human Development



Partners for Action

Partnerships in Dementia Care

Pawliszyn Research Group

Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace Week (Single page site)

Performance Indicators

Peter Russell Rock Garden

Pharmacokinetics Research Group

Pharmacy Practice Experience (culled)

PhD in Accounting



Physics and Astronomy

Physics Club

Physics of Information Lab

Plant Operations


Political Science

Polymer and Supramolecular Functional Nanomaterials

Polymer Physics Group


Postdoctoral Office

Poulin Research Group

Power and Energy Systems Group

Precision Controls Laboratory

Office of the President

Prevention Neuroscience Laboratory

Procurement & Contract Services

Professional Development Program

Professional Futures Conference (Conference)

Professional Practice Centre in Health Systems

Propel Centre for Population Health Impact

Protein Folding Lab

Provost's Office


Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Psychological Intervention Research Team

Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics Algebra

Pure Mathematics Analysis

Pure Mathematics Geometry & Topology

Pure Mathematics Graduate Studies (culled)

Pure Mathematics Logic

Pure Mathematics Number Theory

Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (redirected)

QUANTUM: The Exhibition (Conference)

Quantum Materials and Devices Lab

Quantum Matters Group

Quantum Nano Centre Metrology Facility

Quest - Student Information System


RBC Retirement Research Centre

Real-time Embedded Software Group

Real-time Embedded Systems Lab (culled)

Reasoning and Decision Making Lab

Records Management

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Refer a Student (culled)

Refer an Employer

Registrar's Office

Relationship Research Lab

Relativistic Quantum Information Conference

Religious Studies

Religious Studies PhD Program

Renison Ministry Centre

Renison University College

Report on Giving (Publication)

Request Tracking System


Research Experiences Group

Retirees Association

Risk Management, Economic Sustainability, and Actuarial Science Development in Indonesia

Robotics Research at Waterloo Engineering (Single page site)

Rooney Lab

St. Paul's Community Notes (Publication)

St. Paul's University College

Safety Office

Sandford Fleming Foundation


Scheduling, Timetabling, and Examinations Project (culled)

School Closure Policy Research

School of Accounting and Finance

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

School of Pharmacy

School of Planning

School of Public Health and Health Systems

School of Public Health and Health Systems Graduate Students' Association

School of Social Work


Science and Business

Science and Technology in Society

Science Computing

Science Society

Science Student Help Team

Science Teaching Complex

Science Technical Services

Science 2+2

Science 2+2 (Chinese)



Sedra Student Design Centre

Self-Attitudes Lab

Self-Regulation and Motivation Lab

Sensorimotor Integration and Neuroadaptive Plasticity Lab

Sensors and Integrated Microsystems Laboratory (SIMSLab)

SERCA Pumps in Muscle Metabolism and Physiology Lab

Servos Group

Shad Waterloo

Silicon Thin-film Applied Research

Sir Isaac Newton Exam

Social Acceptance of Energy Storage Systems

Social and Academic Life at Waterloo Study

Social Development Lab

Social Development Studies

Social Media

Social Media Committee

Social Work Action Network Canada

Sociology and Legal Studies

Software Engineering

Solar Thermal Research Laboratory (STRL)

SouthWestern Ontario Research Data Centre

Spacetime and Information Workshop (Conference)

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Special Collections & Archives

StartUp Pledge

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Staff Association

State of the University Report

Statistical Consulting and Collaborative Research Unit

Status of Women & Equity Committee

STEM for Girls at the University of Waterloo (Single page site)

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan in Action (culled)

Stratford Campus

Stratford Campus Newsletter (Publication)

Student Art Innovation Lab

Student Awards & Financial Aid

Student Information Systems Project

Student Life Centre

Student Service Transformation - Needles Hall

Student Success Office

Student Teaching Excellence Committee (STEC)

Student Technology Services (culled)

Students of the Water Institute Graduate Section

Studies in Islam

Study Abroad Programs (culled)

Summer Accommodations

Support the Library

Support Waterloo

Survey Research Centre


Sustainability Assessment Project

Sustainability Policy Research on Urban Transformations Lab

Sustainable Energy Policy

Swanson Lab Group

Systems Design Engineering

Tang Nanotechnology Lab

Taylor Research Group

Teaching, Environment & Action (culled)

Telecommunications Services (culled)

The Library Celebrates University of Waterloo’s 60th

The Pascal Lectures on Christianity and the University

Theatre Centre

Theological Studies

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

Thompson Group

Tobacco Use in Canada

Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre

Toward a Global Index of Wellbeing

Transformative Quantum Technologies

Truth and Reconciliation Response Projects

Ubiquitous Health Technology Lab

Ultrafast Laser Group

Uncertain Futures

Undergraduate Admissions (Future Students)

Undergraduate Course Selection

Undergraduate Entrance Awards

Undergraduate Studies Forms

United Arab Emirates (culled)

United Way Campaign

United Way Campaign Annual Report (Publication)

University Club

University Committee on Information Systems & Technology

University Communications

University of Waterloo: 60 Years of Innovation

University of Waterloo Centre for Information System Assurance

University of Waterloo Forms

University of Waterloo Habitat for Humanity (culled)

University of Waterloo Recreation Committee

University Relations

Urban Realities Laboratory

Usability and Interactive Technology Lab


UW Fitness

UW Food Services

Vision and Attention Lab

Vision and Image Processing Lab

Vision and Motor Performance Lab

Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity

Wat on Earth

Water Institute

Water Under the Bridge

Waterloo Architecture

Waterloo Architecture | Rome

Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute

Waterloo Budget Model

Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WATCAR)

Waterloo Centre for German Studies

Waterloo Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

Waterloo Engineering 360 (culled)

Waterloo Engineering Alumni eLetter (Publication)

Waterloo Engineering Spectrum 28 Mentor and Venture Program 

Waterloo Environment Students Endowment Fund

Waterloo Environmental Biotechnology (WEB) Lab

Waterloo Events

Waterloo Food Issues Group

Waterloo Formal Methods

Waterloo Geophysical Society

Waterloo-Guelph Physics Graduate Studies

Waterloo Homepage & Pathway pages

Waterloo Industrial Ecology Group

Waterloo Innovation Summit

Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies

Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience

Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology

Waterloo International

Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography

Waterloo Magazine (Publication)

Waterloo Microfluidics Laboratory

Waterloo News

Waterloo Nexus Advisory Group

Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting Group (WORC Group)

Waterloo Political Economy Group (culled)

Waterloo Public Transportation Initiative

Waterloo Research in Aging Participant Pool

Waterloo Research Institute in Insurance, Securities & Quantitative Finance

Waterloo Residences

Waterloo Science Endowment Fund

Waterloo Stories

Waterloo Summit Centre (culled)

Waterloo Transportation Research for Improving Performance and Safety (WATTRIPS)

Waterloo Unlimited

Waterloo Women: Ideas, Makers and Innovators (Conference)

WatITis (Conference)

WatPort (culled)


Wayne Booth's Rhetorology

Web Accessibility

Web Advisory Committee

Web Archives for Historical Research Group

Web Resources

Web Steering Committee

Welcome to Residence (Single page site)

Wetland Soils & Greenhouse Gas Exchange Lab

Wettig Research Group

Wisdom and Culture Lab

Witer Learning Resource Centre

Women in Engineering

Women in Mathematics

Women in Physics Canada 2017 (Conference)

Women in Science Society

Women's Studies

Work Search Resources

World Wetlands Day (Conference)

Writing and Communication Centre

Wu Research Group

Youth & Innovation Research Project

Youth Programs and Camps

Sites in progress 

Accountability Framework

Adaptive Governance of Coastal Systems Experiencing Rapid Change

Arts Computing Office Newsletter (Publication)

Atlas of Suburbanisms

​Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies

Centre for Extended Learning

Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance

Cheriton School of Computer Science


Data Systems Group

Design Your Education (Single page site)

Engineering Outreach Impact (Publication)

Environment Students' Society

Global Engagement Program

Grebel Now (Publication)

Green and Intelligent Automotive (GAIA) Research Facility

Health Evaluation Collaborative


Institute for Quantum Computing Annual Report (Publication)

International Graduate Students China (Single page site)

International Graduate Students Mexico (Single page site)

International Undergraduate Students  (Single page site)

Just, Green Cities

Library celebrates University of Waterloo’s 60th

Mechanical and Mechatronics Information Technology

Mobilize Clinical Biomechanics Lab

Multi-faith Spaces (Single page site)

New Faculty Welcome and Orientation Events (Conference)


Ontario Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Guide

Orchestra at UWaterloo

Organizational Justice Research Group

Pharmacy in the Field (Single page site)

Physics Graduate Student Association 

Problem Lab

Queen Elizabeth Scholars Advanced Scholars

Registrar Resources for Staff and Faculty

Renison International Office

Renison Residence


Smart Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems Lab

Ultrafast Laser Matter

University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Technology

University of Waterloo Mobile Strategy

University of Waterloo Teaching and Learning Conference (Conference)

UWCommunity (Single page site)

Wat on Earth (Publication)

Water Institute Research (Publication)

Waterloo Chemical Physics

Waterloo Coding and Signal Transmission Lab

Waterloo Institute for Complexity & Innovation

Waterloo Intelligent Systems Engineering Lab

Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference (Conference)



World Water Day 2018  (Conference)