Request a site in the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS)

Would you like a site in the WCMS?

  1. Confirm that your site complies with the Guidelines for use of the WCMS.
  2. Attend the ITPD courses - WCMS for Content Maintainers & WCMS for Site Managers.
  3. Submit a request through the WCMS Help portal with the following information:
  • Website lead
  • Current URL (if migrating an existing site)
  • Site name
  • Site URL (
  • Tentative launch date
  • Type of site

After receiving your request we will contact you to set up a planning meeting!

Migration options

  1. Our Waterloo Content Migration System (WCMS) team can migrate your site content.
  2. An area can be given a WCMS website in a staging space if they have migration personnel or are creating a new website.