When creating content in the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) you do so using a form. These forms are called content types. Which content type you use depends on the type of content you are creating.

Your access to these content types is dependent on your role(s) within the WCMS.

The main roles within the WCMS include:

  • Site Manager (website leads and their backup)
  • Content Editor (Create/edit and publish content)
  • Content Author (Create/edit drafts and put in 'needs review')

Note: Content maintainers should be given only 1 of the above roles.

Other roles within the WCMS:

  • Form Editor (to create and edit forms)
    • Site managers can add and remove the form editor role or change the expiry date.
  • Form Results Access (to view/download form results)
  • Special Alerter 
Summary of Content type access
  Content Author Content Editor Site Manager Form Editor Form Results Access

Special Alerter

Home page banner          
Site footer          
Promotional item          
Person profile      
Custom listing page        
News item      
Web page      
Image gallery      
Blog post      
Web form       results only  
Special alert        
Embedded timeline embedding only - not creating      
Embedded Call to Action (CTA) embedding only - not creating      
Embedded Facts and Figures embedding only - not creating      

Note: Content created/edited by a Content Author must be reviewed and published by a Content Editor or Site Manager.

Summary of role permissions
  Content Author Content Editor Site Manager Form Editor Form Results Access Special Alerter
Add/edit Google Analytics          
Add/edit redirects          
Add users and assign roles          
Schedule content to publish/unpublish        
View content maintainers activity          
Compare revisions        
Manage menus        
Add terms to vocabularies          
View/fix broken links & 404 errors        
Create/edit Shortcut bar          
Home page banner settings          
Revise a Blog title and introductory text          
Clear all caches        
Create/edit Web forms          
Delete files/images          
Delete content | Delete a draft          
Archive content    
Clone content    
Sort and group Contacts      
Access Web form results          
Create/edit Special alerts