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Training and support

Training and support

Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) courses are available through the Skills for the Electronic Workplace (SEW) program.

WCMS for Content Maintainers - SEW 099

Everyone who will be creating/editing content on your website must take this course. 

This hands-on course for content maintainers will provide an overview of the main features of the WCMS including creating new content, editing content, uploading and adding images and documents, submitting drafts for review, reviewing drafts, publishing and managing content. 

WCMS for Site Managers - SEW 100 (prerequisite is SEW099)

This hands-on course for Site Managers will provide an overview of site manager specific tasks and functionality in the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) including creating site-wide content (promotional items, footers, etc.), managing user access and site permissions, adding Google analytics tracking, managing redirects, and managing workflow.

WCMS Web Forms Creation - SEW 101 (prerequisite is SEW099)

In this hands-on course we introduce the WCMS form features and guide you through creating a form, adding form components, configuring email options, and using conditionals and form validation. We'll also talk about security and privacy concerns with collecting data and how you can decide what to collect.

"How to" documents are available for new features and quick reference.

WCMS how-to videos are available for a quick refresher of material covered in the WCMS for Content Maintainers course. 

Visit our Drop-in Lab to get assistance with the maintenance or development of your web site in the WCMS or to familiarize yourself with the WCMS.

Did you know?

The WCMS for Content Maintainers and WCMS for Site Managers courses can be completed in the Drop-in Lab. Please contact Andrea Jennings to make arrangements.


Request support through the Information Systems & Technology Request Tracker (RT) system (there is also a link to submit RTs in your WCMS site dashboard).

If you have a quick question when using the WCMS you can send email to or visit the Drop-in Lab.

NEW! IST-WCMS playlist

The playlist will answer questions like: What is responsive design? What is Drupal, and why do we use it? How do I create and maintain an effective website within the WCMS?