A Special Alert displays at the top of pages you specify (see example below), surrounded by a red border. A special alert can be created by a Site manager or by someone who has been given the Special alerter role. You can only have one special alert active on a site.

This is a special alert created using the special alert content type.

Note: Special Alerts should ONLY be used to convey urgently important information.

Add a Special Alert

  1. From the Administration bar click My Workbench.
    My workbench tab in the administration bar.
  1. Click the Create/Manage Content tab.
    Create/manage content tab.
  2. Select Special Alert.
    Special alert link.
  3. Enter the alert message in the Body. This should be short and concise.
  4. Visibility denotes where this Special Alert will appear. This field is set to home by default.
    Visibility field set to display the special alert on the homepage.

    • Leaving this field set to <front> will result in the Special Alert appearing on the home page only.
    • Leaving this field blank will result in the Special Alert appearing on all pages of your site.
    • If you would like to limit the pages on which this Special Alert appears, enter paths above, one path per line. You may use a backslash and asterisk (/*) to include all items under a path. To exclude a path, start the line with "not". For example:
      not news/special
  5. Under Publishing options select the checkbox beside Published.
    Publishig options.
  6. Click Save.
    Save button
    Your Special Alert will now appear on the home page ABOVE the banner and/or at the top of any other specified pages.

Remove a Special Alert

To remove a Special Alert you need to unpublish it.

  1. From the Administration bar select My Workbench.
  2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.
  3. Select Special Alert.
  4. Under Publishing options deselect the checkbox beside Published.
    Published check box under Publishing options.
  5. Click Save.