1. From the Administration bar, select My Workbench.
  2. Select Create/Manage Content and select the content type you wish to add anchors to (eg. Web Page).
  3. Place your cursor where you want the anchor inserted.Placing anchor in content.
  4. Select Anchor button from the toolbar.
    Selecting the anchor icon in the editing bar.
  5. Name your anchor.
    Note: Only use lower-case letters and numbers. Do not use spaces - use dashes to separate words when naming anchors. Names cannot begin with numbers.
    Anchor properties box.
  6. Click OK.                                                                                               
  7. Select the text which you would like to link to the anchor you have just created.
    Note: Ensure that no trailing punctuation or additional white spaces are selected.
    Selecting text to link to anchor.
  8. Select the Link button from the toolbar.
    Selecting the link icon in the editing bar.
  9. Set Link Type to Link to anchor in the text from the drop down menu.                           
  10. Select appropriate anchor by Anchor Name.Link properties box with Link Type set to Link to anchor in the text.
  11. Click OK.               
  12. Click Save.                                                                            
  13. Change the moderation state to Published and click Apply.Change moderation state to publish.

Note: check links to ensure they are linking correctly.