• You can archive content that you no longer want site visitors to see.
  • Archived content can be kept in the archive until it is needed again.
  • Archived content is not removed from your site.

The how-to document for Deleting archived content includes steps for Site Managers to permanently remove content from your site after archiving it.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to archive, and then above the heading, select the Unpublish this revision link.

    Unpublish this content link.
  2. In the Set moderation state drop down menu, select Archived. Press the Unpublish button below the drop down menu to save your changes.

    Changing moderation state to Archived.
  3. Selecting the Unpublish button brings you to the moderate tab, where you can see all revisions of the content. Note: all revisions of that content will be archived.

    View of moderation tab of event item.
  4. Archived content can be viewed in My Workbench, in the Archived content tab.