The website lead for a site can request that Authentication required site access be enabled.

Site Managers for "authentication required" websites can now individually customize the messages displayed when users have not yet logged in, and have logged in but have been denied access to the site.

  1. Configure Authenticated site settings.
    1. Dashboard > Authenticated site settingsAuthenticated site setting menu link.
  2. Site access can be limited in two ways: 
    1. Limit to specific Nexus group(s). Some common Nexus groups are: IdM-HR-employee , IdM-HR-faculty, IdM-SA-student, IdM-alumni. Note: Contact your IT rep for other Nexus groups. Limit to specific Nexus group(s)
    2. Allow specific user ID(s). Add specific WatIAM IDs.Allow specific user ID(s) site access.
  3. Customize the text to display on the login page. This text will display below the "Access denied" message, and above a login form, before users have logged in, or when a logged in user does not have access to the site. Note: HTML cannot be used, and line breaks will be ignored.
    1. Users who have not yet logged in: Users who have not yet logged in
    2. Logged in users without access: Logged in users without access
    3. All "access denied" users: All "access denied" users

      Default text message:

      Content on this site is restricted to authorized users; you must log in. Note that if you are not an authorized user, you may be able to log in, but still not have access to the content.

  4. Save configuration.