The website lead for a site can request that the Award content type be enabled. The Award Content Author role can be assigned by a site manager.

The Award content type is used to display information on funding opportunities, such as awards, bursaries, and scholarships, for undergraduate students. Using the awards database, students can filter or search for all active funding opportunities that are relevant to them.

Site Managers can create new Award terms in Vocabularies under Dashboard.

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Example award content type.

Example of the Award content type.

Awards database - search results page.

Example of the search results of the awards database.

 Create an Award

  1. From the Administration bar, go to My Workbench.
    My Workbench tab in the administration bar.
  2. Click Create/Manage Content tab.
    Create/Manage content tab.
  3. Select Award.
    Award content type link.
  4. Click Add award.
    Add award link.
  5. In Award name field, enter the name of the award (e.g., Example Award).
    Award name field.
  6. Set Status to active, which allows it to be searchable in the database.
    Status field.
  7. Select the appropriate Citizenship (e.g., Select all status).
    Citizenship field.
  8. Select the appropriate Level (e.g., Select all years).
    Level field.
  9. Select the appropriate Award type (e.g., Scholarships/awards).
    Award type field.
  10. Select the Program type (e.g., Undergraduate).
    Program type field.
  11. Set the program to Open to any program or select the appropriate Program(s).
    undergraduate programs
  12. In Award description field, enter a description of the award.
    Description field.
  13. Select the appropriate Selection process (e.g., Application required).
    Selection process field.
  14. In Contact field, enter the contact information (e.g., Email us at
    Contact field.
  15. Save.
    Save button.
  16. Set the moderation state to Published, and click Apply.
    Moderation state set to Published.

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