The website lead for the site will need to request that Blog comments be enabled on their site.

Note: Once enabled, Comment settings are set to Open by default for new Blog posts. If you do not want commenting available on a specific Blog post, a Site Manager can Close commenting on that specific post.

Blog comments are moderated by Site Managers, who will be informed of new comments with an email notification. Site Managers will then need to take action on the comment: approve the comment, or delete it.

  1. Comment settings default to Open. Site Managers can Close commenting if they are not desired on specific Blog posts.

    Blog comments enabled in Menu settings
  2. Site Managers (all users with this role) will receive an email notification when a new comment has been submitted to a Blog post.

    Site Manager email notification of new comment on Blog post.
  3. Clicking on the comment link will take the Site Manager to the Blog post. The comment awaiting moderation will be indicated with a pink background, and Site Managers will need to take action: delete, edit, reply, approve.

    New comment ready for moderation. 
    • Delete: deleting a post cannot be undone.

      Delete comment notification.
    • Edit: comments can be edited by a Site Manager.
    • Reply: you cannot reply to a comment that has not yet been approved.
    • Approve: when a comment has been approved a green notification box will display at the top of the Blog post:

      Approval of comment notification.
      The pink background of the new comment will disappear:

      Approved comment with no pink background.
      And then users will be able to reply to approved comments:

      Reply option for users to comment on approved comments.