Blog posts should be used for short, informal, conversational posts. The Blog content type is available by default - you will need to enable it in the main menu to see your Blog listing page.

Site Managers can revise a Blog title and add text to introduce the blog.

See notes on other site templates.

Create a Blog post

  1. Click My Workbench.My Workbench in the administration bar.
  2.  Click the Create/Manage Content tab.Create/manage content tab circled.
  3. Select Blog post.
    Link to create a new blog post.
  4. Click Add blog post.
    Add blog post link.
  5. Add a Title.
    Blog post title field.
  6. Enter the required Date field of when the blog post is written in the format Jun 15 2017.
    Date field
  7. Under Topics, add any keywords that you would like separated by comas. This allows the blogs to be filtered, so a person can find a specific blog topic without having to search through the entire archive. Blog topics field.
    Note: Topics are case-sensitive. For example, "Time management" and "time management" would register as two separate topics.
  8.  Add a listing page image for social media if applicable.
    Listing page image for social media
  9. Add Body text.
  10. Select any Podcasts or upload any Transcripts you would like to display in the blog post.
  11. Add Author information. This field allows you to link to a Contact or Person profile on the site or to the Author's own personal web page. If the Author information is left blank, the author of the post will automatically be the WatIAM userid of the person who created the blog post.
    Blog author field.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Change Moderate state to Published and click Apply.Changed moderation state to published.

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