Site Managers and Content Editors can view a list of Broken links and edit the content to fix them.

  1. From the Administration bar, click Dashboard.

    Dashboard menu link in the administration bar.
  2. Click Broken links from the Site management menu.

    Broken links menu link.
  3. In this table you will see URLs that are broken are resulting in errors. A 404 response results in a "page not found" error, a 301 response results in the identified URL redirecting to a different URL.
  4.  Broken links (404s and 301s) should be fixed, click on the "edit node #" link to fix the broken link.

    Edit node 26 link.
  5. Locate the broken link on the page (it could be in the body, sidebar related links, or sidebar complimentary content) and replace it with the correct URL.
  6. Save.
  7. Publish.
  8. The broken link will be removed from the report.