1. Select My Workbench under the black Administration bar.
  2. Click Create/manage tab.
  3. Click Web page.
  4. Click +Add web page.
  5. Enter heading.
  6. Under Body:
    1. Either select the desired insert/remove list button in the toolbar (there is a button for each style of list) and enter your text.
      Numbered and bulleted list icons.
    2. Or select the text to be organized as a list and then click on the desired insert/remove list button in the toolbar.

      Note: To remove the list, select the text which has been ordered in a list and re-click the insert/remove list button.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Publish.

Change moderation state to publish.

Note: With WCMS version 1.10, decimal ordered lists are now available.

  1. On your numbered list in the body content, right click and choose Numbered List Properties. Choose Decimal from the drop down.
  2. To create a sub-point, choose the Increase Indent button when your cursor is at the end of the sentence.
    Indent content icon.
  3. The final list will have the following format, for multiple sub-points. Note: This will be the expected format for all modern browsers, including IE8 (and up).Sub point formatting.
  4. To return to a previous sub-point (ie., from a sub-sub-point to a sub-point), choose the Decrease Indent button when the cursor is at the end of the sentence.Decrease indent icon.
  5. If you are using IE7, there is a fall back format:Internet explorer 7 outline