The Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) keeps a history of past revisions of many content types. Users have the ability to view and compare past revisions to the current revision.

  1. From the page/content you wish to see past revisions, select the Moderate tab at the top of the content.

    Moderate tab.
  2. On this page you will see a list of all revisions, and who completed the change.
  3. To compare revisions, select the Compare revisions button.

    Compare revisions link.
  4. From the chart you are able to select two revisions to compare. Then, click Compare to view the differences.

    Selecting content to compare.
  5. The differences between the two revisions chosen display in two columns.
    • The column on the left shows the previous version - any changed sections are in yellow with anything removed marked in red text.
    • The column on the right shows the current (or more recent) version - any changed sections are in green with anything added marked in red text.

      Content comparison.
  6. Click the Revisions button to return to the list of revisions or click the View tab to return to the page/content.