The Conference advertisement can be used to display an advertisement for your conference and can link visitors to either an internal or external page. Your conference advertisement will be visible on the sidebar of all non-wide width pages on your site, and can be rearranged in a particular order.

Content type

Conference ad sample


Confernece ad Zoology


Create a Conference advertisement

  1. From the Administration bar, select My WorkbenchAdministration toolbar with workbench highlighted in red.
  2. Select the Create/Manage content tab.Create/manage content tab highlighted
  3. Select Conference advertisement.
    Conference advertisement selection
  4. Select Add conference advertisement.
    Add conference advertisement button.
  5. Enter the Title.
    Title textbox
  6. Add an Image for the background of your advertisement. Note: The help text states the that Title and Link button will overlay the background image, but that is incorrect. The Title will sit above the image and the Link button will sit below the image. Conference advertisement image upload field
  7. Add Link text and URL for your advertisement.
    confernece link button
  8. Save and Publish.