Site managers and Content editors can create Conference links, both internal and external, to direct visitors to specific content.

Note: At this time internal paths do not work in this content type; use only fully qualified external URLs to link to your content.

Content type

Confernece link sample


Confernece link Zoology


Create Conference links

  1. From the Administration bar, select My WorkbenchAdministration toolbar with workbench highlighted in red.
  2. Select the Create/Manage content tab.Create/manage content tab highlighted
  3. Select Conference links.
    conference links selection
  4. Select Add conference links.
    add conference links button
  5. Enter Title and URL of link.
    conference links
  6. Select Add another item if you want to add more links (optional). To rearrange the order of your conference links, click and drag the cross arrows to the left of each link text box.
  7. Save and Publish

Enable Conference links widget in Homepage settings

  1. The Site manager can select the Homepage settings in the Administration bar.
    Homepage settings button.
  2. Check Enable box to enable the Links widget.
  3. Select Layout and Background colour options.
  4. Select Links widget settings link to further configure the widget.