Site managers and Content editors can use Listing pages to display content. Listing pages are created and published by default on your site, but will need to be configured. They can also be added to the main menu as a menu link.

Listing pages can be configured for the following widgets/content types:

  • Agenda
  • Blog
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors
  • Videos

  1. From the Administration bar, select My Workbench.Administration bar
  2. All of the listing pages will be under All recent content. You can also access them via Create/manage content > Web page.
  3. Select Edit for the listing page you would like to configure.
  4. Enter a Title for your listing page.Title field
  5. Select the Conference Feature to determine the listing page for a specific type of content.
    Conference feature selection
  6. Add a Listing page image for social media. Note: This image will be used as the banner image for your listing page (optional).
    Listing page image for social media field
  7. Add a Summary for your Listing page (optional). This will appear below the title of your listing page. Select Hide summary for the summar to appear.
    Summary field link
  8. Add Body text. Note: It is a known issue that the body text will not display on your listing page even though it is marked as "required" at this time. Use Summary if you would like text to appear below your Listing page Title.
    Body text field
  9. Add a Menu link by going to Menu settings > Place in site hierarchy. Select Add menu link. Edit the Menu link title. Note: The Menu link title will default to the Title of your listing page.
    Menu link settings
  10. Save and Publish.