Site managers and Content editors can create Conference sessions to provide session information for attendees, including topics, session type, speakers, etc. Conference sessions can be displayed on an agenda listing page, and selected Conference sessions will show on the homepage by choosing the "promoted to front page" option.

Content type

Conference session sample


Confernece session zoology


Create a Conference session

  1. From the Administration bar, select My Workbench.My Workbench
  2. Select Create/Manage Content.Create/Manage content
  3. Select Conference session.
    Conference sessions
  4. Select Add conference sessions.
    add conference sessions
  5. Enter the Title of the session.
    title field
  6. Enter the date(s) and time(s) of the session. Date and time fields
  7. Add the Topic of your session (optional).Topics field
  8. Add the Type of session (optional).Type sessions field
  9. Add a Summary for your session (this will display on the homepage under the Agenda widget).
    confernece details
  10. Add the Details for the session (optional). This can include images, and files.
    confernece session details
  11. Select one or more Speakers for the session (optional). Note: Speakers will need to be created before they will be available for selection.
    Speakers selection field
  12. Select one or more Panelists for the session (optional). Note: Panelists will need to be created in the Speaker content type before they will be available for selection. Panelists seleciton field
  13. Select a Moderator for the session (optional). Moederator selection field
  14. Save and Publish.

Enable Agenda widget in Homepage settings

The Conference sessions content type uses the Agenda widget to display the various sessions. The Agenda widget needs to be enabled before it will display on the homepage.

  1. The Site manager can select the Homepage settings in the Administration bar.
    Homepage settings button.
  2. Check the Enable box to enable the Agenda widget.
  3. Select Layout and Background colour options.
  4. Select Agenda widget settings link to further configure the widget.

Configure the Agenda listing page

Listing pages are created and published by default on your site, but will need to be configured. In order for the listing page to display properly, it must be placed in the site hierarchy. Listing pages can also be added to the main menu as a menu link.