Conference settings menu allows Site managers to configure various elements of the site, including: social media information, the addition of a subscription link to a newsletter, the Banner image, the site footer, and  the use of a sponsors carousel.

Note: A Site manager can select Save configuration at any time to save your edits while remaining on the settings page.

Contact information

Under Contact information, enter all of the relevant social media information. The corresponding icons will appear in the footer of every page on your site (optional).

  1. Enter an Email address for your conference site.Email address field
  2. Enter a Twitter handle, a Twitter hashtag and Twitter URL associated with your conference. Twitter information fields
  3. Enter a Facebook account link associated with your conference.Facebook account field
  4. Enter an Instagram account link associated with your conference. Instagram account field
  5. Enter a Linkedin account link associated with your conference.Linkedin account field
  6. Enter a Vimeo account link associated with your conference. Vimeo account field
  7. Enter a YouTube account link associated with your conference. Youtube account field

MailChimp settings

The MailChimp settings allow site visitors to subscribe to an MailChimp newsletter.

  1. Enter a Title for your form.
    Title for MailChimp form
  2. Enter Button text. If left blank button text will be "Subscribe".Button text field
  3. Enter a Description for your form. MailChimp description field
  4. Enter a URL for the MailChimp action. MailChimp action field
  5. Enter a User/account ID.
    MailChimp user field
  6. Enter a List ID.
    MailChimp list field

Theme settings

You can customize the conference theme by adding a default banner image and custom footer.

  1. Add a Banner image for your conference.

    Note: Images uploaded here will display on all pages of your conference site. You can add unique banner images on your individual listing pages by uploading a Listing page image.
    Screenshot of Theme settings for the Banner image, stating the minimum size is 1800x768, and the maximum size id 3600x1536.
  2. Add a Custom footer to your conference site.

    Note: You can enter HTML.Custom footer field

Sponsors carousel

Display Sponsors in a carousel above the footer on all pages except the Sponsors listing page.

  1. Optionally, enter a Title that will display above the Sponsors widget.Sponsor title field
  2. Optionally, enter Introduction text that will display above the Sponsors widget underneath the Title.Sponsor introduction field
  3. The Sponsors carousel is Enabled by default. If disabled, the Sponsors carousel will not display on any site page, including the homepage.
    Enabled Sponsor feature
  4. Save configuration.