Site Managers can create redirects.

If content is renamed or moved the URL of the page (and the URL of any children below it) will also change (for children, they won’t change until they are edited and saved the next time). 

You should resave any items affected by a menu change or a renaming.  

Redirects should be set up from the old path to the new path.

  1. Choose Redirects from the Dashboard.
  2. Select Add redirect.
  3. Enter an internal WCMS path in the "When someone goes to" field.

    Note: This does not have to be a valid URL.
  4. Enter an internal WCMS path or a complete external URL (like in the "Redirect them to" field.

    • It is best to use the node/## (that way if the URL changes in the future your redirect will still work).
    • To find the node/## you can click on the New draft tab - the node/## will appear in the address bar of your browser (or you can hover over the New draft tab to see it above your status bar).
  5. Save.

See also: URL changes when moving or renaming content