Before creating a Web form, please be sure to check the “Deciding what to collect on a web form" document to ensure privacy and security to gather information from users.

The Web form content type is similar to the web page content type.

  • When creating a Web form you will be required to enter a Heading, and have the option of including form help or instructions in the Body or Sidebar Complimentary area.
  • You can also upload an image or file into these areas.
  • The Audience, Menu, URL and Publishing options are located at the bottom of the page and function in the same manner as Web pages.
  • Note: Moderation states include Published and Unpublished.

Web form template.

Creating a draft:

  1. From the Administration toolbar, select My Workbench.My Workbench tab.
  2. Select the Create/Manage Content tab.Create/Manage content tab.
  3. Select the Web Form link.

    Create web form link.

  4. Click + Add web form.

    Add web form button.

  5. Add the title of Web form under Heading.

  6. Enter a WatIAM userid under Contact Person. The contact person has to be the person who is responsible for answering questions about the collection of information on the form.
  7. Add the form’s introduction, help or instructions in the Body or Sidebar Complimentary Content.
  8. Place in site hierarchy checkbox must remain checked.
  9. Determine the parent item under Menu settings.
  10. Save.

An example of a Web form draft is shown below:

Contact us web form.

Note: To create the Web form components, please view the how-to document, How to add form components.