You can use the Custom listing page content type to show selected People profiles on different areas on your WCMS site.

See other notes on site templates.

Create a Custom listing page

  1. From the Administration bar, click My Workbench.My Workbench link in the administration bar.
  2. Click Create/Manage Content.
    Create/Manage content tab.
  3. Select Custom listing page.
    Custom listing page link.
  4. Click Add Custom listing page.Add Custom listing page link.
  5. Insert a name for the page in the Title field.
  6. Insert introductory text as necessary to the Body.
  7. Under Entity Reference Teaser, add the name of the Person profile you wish to add to the list.
    Reference a teaser field.
  8. Select Add another item to add more profiles.
    Add another item button.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Change the moderation state to Published and click Apply.
    Changing the moderation state to published.

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