This how-to document details how Site Managers can permanently remove content from the site.

Content maintainers can archive content that they no longer want site visitors to see. Archived content can be kept in the archive until it is needed again. Archived content is not removed from your site (but it is no longer indexed by search engines).

Site Managers can delete a draft of published content (if someone created a new draft of published content and then decide they would like to delete it). To delete a draft of unpublished content, archive and then delete it.

  1. In this example we will be deleting the "When pigs fly" event page. To delete this content, from the Administration bar, click My Workbench and select the Archived content tab. 

    Archived Content tab
  2. In the Actions column, select the Delete option.

    Delete archived content.
  3. There will be a confirmation page stating that the deletion is permanent. Select Delete.

    Confirmation screen for deleting content.

Note: Deleting content from this tab will delete all revisions of that content.