Users can flip through the images from an Image gallery while visiting other pages on your site. Note: You can embed an Image gallery into the following content types:

  • Blog post
  • Custom Listing page
  • Event
  • Image gallery
  • News Item
  • Person Profile
  • Project
  • Promotional Item
  • Service
  • Special Alert
  • Web Form
  • Web Page
  1. Create an Image gallery.

You will need to know the node ID of the Image gallery you just created in order to embed in another content type.

The node ID can be found by hovering the cursor over the Edit tab, or by looking in the URL address bar.

  1. The Image gallery can now be embedded in another content type, i.e. a Web page.
    • From the Administration bar select My Workbench > Create/Manage Content > Web page, and add a new Web page.
    • Enter a Title for the Web page.
  2. Embed the Image gallery into the Body of the Web page. Note: Content can be added above or below the embedded Image gallery.
    • Place the cursor where the Image gallery should be embedded and select the Add/Edit Image gallery icon from the editing toolbar.
      Add/Edit Image gallery icon button in editing toolbar.
    • Enter the Image gallery node ID in the Image gallery Properties field, and select display type of Thumbnails or Carousel.Image gallery properties box.
    • Save and Publish the Web page.