Expandable/collapsable content templates hide content under headings. Users can click on an expandable content heading to view the hidden information below.

Please review Usability concerns with expandable/collapsable content before proceeding.

  1. On the Administration bar, select My Workbench.
  2. Select Create/Manage Content and select the content type you wish to add the expandable/collapsable content (like Web Page).
  3. In the body, click on where you want to insert the expandable/collapsable content.
  4. Click on Templates button in toolbar.

    Template button.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Expandable/collapsable content.

    Expandable/Collapsible template selection.

    Note: The warning under "Expandable/collapsable content" relates to the amount and type of content contained in the expandable content box. The expandable/collapsable content format works the best with large amounts of information that can be broken up in an easy way (for example a list of tables for student fees per faculty).
  6. Replace Expandable title with your title.

    Expandable title.
  7. Replace Expandable text with your text.

    Expandable text.

    Note: Inserting Expandable/collapsable content will erase any selected text. To convert existing text to expandable/collapsable content, you can copy and paste the text into the "Expandable text" box. 
  8. Use the down arrow key on keyboard to move out of the expandable/collapsable content template. Using Enter key will add a new line within the Expandable text area.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Change the moderation state to Published and click Apply.

Having trouble inserting your Expandable/collapsible content template?

Occasionally when you insert an Expandable/collapsible content template, it may appear like the following:

Screenshot of the Expandable/collapsible content template appearing incorrectly.

It may be a result of selecting the Insert new paragraph here button that is too close to your content:

Screenshot of cursor too high, and Insert paragraph here button to close to the content.

To amend this, you can place your cursor further down, and select the Insert new paragraph here button further to the right:

Screenshot of cursor placed slightly lower, and Insert paragraph here button further to the right.

Your Expandable/collapsible content template will now appear correctly within your Body:

Screenshot of the Expandable/collapsible content template appearing correctly.