Create Embedded Facts and figures to display a combination of facts and images embedded within another content type, such as a Web page. By default, the carousel option is enabled and will scroll through the facts and figures depending on your settings, however if you disable the carousel option, the Facts and figures will appear vertically, one after the other.

To see an example of Embedded Facts and figures (using the carousel option), visit our Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) users page.

Note: Content Authors cannot create Embedded Facts and figures.

See notes on other site templates.

Known issue:

  • The only supported bubble background colour choice is "Grey", even though "Black" and "White" are provided options. Black and white are not supported at this time.

Create an Embedded Facts and figures

  1. Select My Workbench from the Administration bar.

    My Workbench button.
  2. Select Create/Manage Content.

    Create/ Manage content button.
  3. Select Embedded Facts and figures.

    Embedded Facts and Figures button.
  4. Enter a Title for the Facts and figures.

    Title field.
  5. Select Add new Fact/Figure.

    Screenshot of Fact/Figure being required, and the Add new Fact/Figure button highlighted.
  6. Choose whether to Show bubble on your Facts and figures.

    Show bubbeles on fact/figure field.

Display using bubbles.Not displaying bubbles.

  1. Choose a Default colour that will be used in the text types of big and medium.
  2. Choose a Text alignment. Text allign menu.

Adding Fact point(s)

This is what a fact point can look like:

Sample fact point with labels for icon, text, and a caption

  1. Under Fact point(s), multiple points can be added. Use cross arrows to rearrange multiple fact points.
  2. If you would like to use an Icon with your fact, click Browse, select the icon from your computer, and click Upload.

    Note: Icons with a transparent background are ideal.

     Browse, File browser, Remote URL, and Reference existing.
  3. If you uploaded an Icon with your fact, ensure Alternative text is included.

    Screenshot of Icon uploaded, and mandatory Alt text provided.
  4. Enter Text for the Fact point.

    Screenshot of required text fields for Fact point.
  5. Select the Type of text from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot of type of text drop-down menu, with options Big, Small, and Medium.
  6. Select Add another item to add more text to your Fact point.

    Add another item button.
  7. If you would like to use a caption, enter it in the Caption section. You can also leave this section blank, if a caption is not necessary.

    caption section
  8. The Add another item to add additional Fact points to this group.

    Add another item.
  9. Save.
  10. Publish.

Embed the Facts and figures on a Web page or other content type

You will need to know the node ID of the Embedded Facts and figures you just created in order to embed it in another content type.

The node ID can be found by hovering the cursor over the 'Edit' tab and noting the number after "node" at the bottom left of the browser window,

Node number at bottom of browser window.

or by looking in the URL address bar after clicking Edit.

URL with node number

The Embedded Facts and figures can be embedded into the body field of another content type, e.g a Web page.

  1. Place the cursor where the Embedded Facts and figures should be embedded and select the Add/Edit Facts and figures icon from the editing toolbar.

  2. Enter the Embedded Facts and figures node ID (just the number) in the Facts and Figures field, and choose whether you would like to use a carousel, and if so, how many to be displayed at once. See image below for example of what the carousel settings look like.

    Facts and Figures property fields.
    What carousel looks like versus what non-carousel looks like
  3. Save.
  4. Publish.

Note: When deleting Embedded Facts and figures content, the content must be deleted from the management page and the embed removed from the page(s) on which it is embedded.

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