Site Managers can configure an integration that provides notification via Microsoft Team when content is put in needs review status and/or published or when a web form submission is made.

Set up Microsoft Teams for the integration

  1. Create a new channel for the website you want to track. Right-click on the “. . .” next to the team name and select “Add Channel”. Name your channel after the website you’re tracking.
  2. Add a connector to the channel by right-clicking on the “. . . “ next to the channel name and selecting “Connectors”.
  3. Select “Incoming webhook” from the list.
  4. Give your webhook a name, upload an image (if you want) and click “create” to generate a URL for the webbook. 
  5. Copy the URL to your clipboard and click “done”.


Configure your WCMS site to use the integration

  1. In the Dashboard select Microsoft Teams Options from the Site Management section.
  2. Paste in the Webhook URL.
  3. Choose the types of notifications you'd like to receive.
  4. Select Save configuration