Events appear in the 'Events' section of your site and (optionally) on your homepage. Events archive automatically.

Events have an iCal feature so that site visitors can export an event to their calendar. Students can select their preferred events feeds to appear in their Portal.

See notes on other site templates.

  1. Select My Workbench under the black Administration bar.My Workbench link in the administration bar.
  2. Select the Create/Manage content tab.
    Create/Manage content tab.
  3. Click Event.
    Event link.
  4. Select Add event.
    Add event link.
  5. Enter event Title.
  6. Enter Date and time.

    NOTE: the date will automatically default to current date.

    Click Show end date if the event has a set end date and time.
    Date and time fields.
  7. Select Repeat if you wish to have the event repeated.
    Event repeat options.
  8. Insert an optional Listing page image (image will appear on the Events listing page be sure to crop to appropriate size).
    Event listing page image upload field
    1. Click Browse and select image.
    2. Click Upload.
    3. Add Alternative text.
  9. Add content under Description.
    1. You can also insert a Teaser break Teaser break icon. in the text (all text above the teaser break will appear on the listing page).
  10. Enter optional Additional information.
    Additional information fields.
    1. Enter Host information, Event website and Cost of event.
  11. Add Event location

    Event location fields.
    1. Use Location lookup to select a campus building. NOTE: the remaining fields will automatically populate.
    2. If the building is not in Location lookup, manually enter the information.
  12. Add optional link to a Map.
    Event map field.
  13. Select Audience terms.
  14. Select event Type.
    Users can filter events by type on the events listing page and this will allow the Portal to offer customized event content in the event widget.
  15. Add Event tags.
    Events can be tagged with keywords using the event tags field. These tags will display in the Event tags section of the expanded event page, and will not appear on the listing page. Clicking on a specific tag will bring the user to a list of all events sharing that tag.

    Note: Event tags are case-sensitive. For example, "Celebration" and "celebration" would register as two separate Event tags.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Publish.
    Changing the moderation stated to published.

NOTE: Event pages default to be promoted to the front page of the website. If you don't want an event to show on the homepage deselect 'Promoted to front page' under Publishing options.

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